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Analog Man in a Digital World Series

Is a mesmerizing collection of art showcasing a treasure trove of previously unseen creations by

Raven Mohan. Within these volumes you'll discover a mesmerizing collection of all-digital artwork. Many of Raven’s illustrations form a captivating blend of fantasy and horror, underpinned by a profound fascination with the steampunk aesthetic.

Raven Mohan - Analog Man In A Digital World - Vol III

The Art of Darkness

From fathomless black and subtle hues of grey to fiery orange and blood red, there is beauty found in all darkness – and darkness found in all things. Explore the artist’s vision of humanity’s duel nature in this photo book of illustrations depicting Demons, Devils and Steampunk artwork.

Raven Mohan The Art of Darkness
Raven Mohan - Analog Man In A Digital World - Vol. II

Behind The Mask

Pin-ups and intense

erotic illustrations by Raven.

His modern approach takes

pin-up art to a whole new level. Vibrant and full of color, one

only has to glance at an image

to see how far the field

has come in the

past 60 years. 

Raven Mohan Behind The Mask
Raven Mohan - Analog Man in a Digital World

The Café Chronicles

A collection of Poetry and Illustrations by Raven Mohan.

Raven Mohan The Cafe Chronicles Poetry Book
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