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home of Indigenous artist Mohan

Looking to 2023 and beyond Mohan is actively pursuing new opportunities and excited to share his creations with the world. For licensing inquiries please visit our contact page

On The Run

On The Run art by indigenous artist Mohan.

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario Permanent Art Collection 

Color blind and visually impaired Canadian Native artist Mohan is considered among the World’s Leading Aboriginal Artists. Mohan’s art reflects his unique journey of joy, love and struggle. Internationally Featured in numerous Exhibitions, Publications, Licensing and Film Mohan combines Photography, Original Paintings and Drawings to create his multi genre artwork that embrace Activism, Aboriginal Spirituality, Film, Music, Racism and Wildlife. 

 “What most appreciate in my artwork is how I embrace a theme through combining multiple visual elements to create a digitally fused, multilayered, cohesive whole. Within each piece there are often hidden images so there

is always something new to discover.”

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